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Remote Consultations

Personalised ServicesAustralia

There are ACNFP affiliated centres across Australia in most states and territories. Due to geographical distance or personal circumstances, it is not always possible for a couple to attend an NFP appointment face to face, however ACNFP Affiliated Centres and Educators are able to offer instruction and support at a distance using internet teleconferencing platforms, email, telephone or mail and so ensuring that NFP is available to all Australians, no matter where they live.

Personalised Teaching

When they are ready, the couple contacts the ACNFP affiliated centre so that an NFP educator can record information about their situation and family planning choices. This assists the educator in providing NFP teaching that is directed to their personal situation, thereby enabling them to start quickly and effectively using the Method.

Distance clients/couples learn in their own home at their own pace. An information kit is mailed to them with all the necessary texts, diagrams, and charts to enable them to start.

Over the next few months, they are in regular contact with an ACNFP accredited educator using their preferred mode of communication. Distance clients/couples tend to be highly motivated, and they learn at the same pace as couples attending a centre at regular intervals. Usually after learning for 3 to 6 cycles, most couples would be autonomous NFP users. However, for those couples transitioning from a hormonal based contraceptive method to NFP, or with other fertility issues, this may take longer.

Every couple’s charts are different because each woman’s cycle and fertility signs are unique. It is therefore not possible for a couple to learn from another couple’s charts. Interested friends of NFP users should contact their nearest ACNFP affiliated centre to receive personalised teaching, which is appropriate to their situation.