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Personalised Clinical Services

Personalised Services Every Couple is Unique

No two couples are the same and likewise each couple’s fertility and sexuality is unique to them. Learning NFP needs to be done with this uniqueness in mind and so, at our centres the method is tailored to each couple having consideration for their own fertility patterns and their pregnancy intentions. The quickest and most effective way for a couple to learn the Sympto-Thermal Method is with an accredited ACNFP educator who has the requisite experience, skills, knowledge and training to focus in on an individual couple’s unique situation.

Couples sometimes try to learn NFP from books, the Internet or through conversations with friends. The result can be lower than published effectiveness rates, an unplanned pregnancy or delays in trying to conceive. Doing it this way means they are missing out on the vast experience and expertise available from an accredited educator who can guide and support them through the early “learning” cycles.

NFP combines the science of reproduction with the knowledge of their own cycles. For NFP to be effective, a couple is required to accurately observe and record information relating to their fertility, be committed to learning the method by attending follow up sessions and eventually become skilled in interpreting these signs themselves. To speed up this process, couples receive personalised instruction from an accredited ACNFP educator who offers them:

  • Up-to-date knowledge
  • Prompt accurate answers to questions
  • Support while learning how to interpret fertility signs

This couple-centred process has the added benefit of enriching the relationship between the man and woman as they come to know themselves on new and deeper levels.

Professional & Quality Assurance 

As the leading authority in the Sympto-Thermal Method and Lactational Amenorrhoea Method for Australia, ACNFP sets the standards for the training and accreditation of educators. After a thorough interviewing process, potential NFP educators are selected for training to attain their ACNFP accreditation. Once completed, NFP educators are subjected to on-going evaluation and are required to undertake ACNFP reaccreditation every two years. Couples can be assured that they will receive quality instruction in the latest fertility research and instruction techniques.

Standardised Services

NFP educators instruct couples in a private and confidential centre on how to avoid or achieve a pregnancy naturally. ACNFP affiliated centres offer standardised services. Couples can expect the following:

Consultation services including:

  • Initial Instruction
  • Follow-up appointments
  • Telephone/online support
  • Textbooks
  • Book of charts
  • Educational supplements
  • Digital Thermometer

Our educators can assist couples in many situations including:


The fees and service structures are determined at the discretion of each ACNFP affiliated centre.