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Our Services

As the leading authority in the Sympto-Thermal Method and Lactational Amenorrhoea Method you can expect top quality services from ACNFP.

For Couples
Natural Family Planning (NFP) educators instruct couples in a private and confidential clinic on how to avoid or achieve a pregnancy naturally. NFP educators undertake reaccreditation every two years. Couples can be assured that they will receive quality instruction in the latest fertility research and instruction techniques.

ACNFP affiliated clinics offer standard services. For an affordable fee, couples can expect the following:

  • Registration for use of services
  • Initial Instruction
  • Follow-up appointments
  • Online or face-to-face support
  • Client resources in chosen NFP Method
  • Chart Booklet
  • Educational supplements
The fee and length of registration are determined by each ACNFP affiliated clinic.

For Community Groups

Family Life Educators (FLE educators) present non-clinical programmes to community groups. FLE educators undertake ACNFP reaccreditation every two years. Community groups can be assured that they will receive quality programmes in the latest Fertility & Sexuality research and incorporating group-work techniques.

Contact your nearest ACNFP affiliated clinic for more details.