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Community Programs

Non-clinical Services

ACNFP affiliated centres offer non-clinical Family Life Education (FLE) programs to a diverse range of community groups. It is important to emphasise that these sessions or workshops do not teach group participants how to use Natural Family Planning methods. Rather, they facilitate a better understanding of fertility and its related health issues.

Individualised Programs

Generally speaking, each program includes sections on Anatomy and Physiology and NFP. Many participants are surprised, even entertained, at what they thought they knew about the human body and fertility!

The promotion and supply contraception is the domain of other Family Planning organisations. However, ACNFP accredited FLE teachers are trained extensively in contraception, which enables them to present and workshop professionally and effectively on these forms of family planning.

Programs are designed in dialogue with the group's program co-ordinator and the FLE teacher. This can be as simple as the program co-ordinator selecting topics and negotiating the time slot with the FLE teacher of. It is helpful for the program co-ordinator to provide a brief Participant Profile so that the FLE teacher can modify language and terminology appropriately.

This process ensures that participants receive knowledge which is of significance to them through a very positive experience of a well-structured and well-prepared program.

Program Fees

All ACNFP affliated centres are non-profit, with funding received from both government and non-government sources. Many programs are provided as a community service. At their own discretion, some centres may request the group co-ordinator to consider a tax-deductible donation. Please note, however, that large resource-demanding programs are likely to attract a fee to cover costs.

ACNFP Quality Assurance

As the leading authority in the Symptothermal Method and Lactational Amenorrhoea Method for Australia, ACNFP sets the standards for the training and accreditation of teachers. After a stringent interviewing process, potential FLE teachers are selected for training to attain their ACNFP accreditation.

Training includes

Once completed, FLE teachers are subjected to on-going evaluation and are required to undertake ACNFP reaccreditation every 2 years. Community groups can be assured that they'll receive quality programs in the latest Sexuality & Fertility research and group-work techniques.